Papo +1 #07

Papo +1 #07

Dead bunny, new bunny .. Oh you thought he wouldn´t suffer more time?

But is the same rabbit or another rabbit? Well you know, multi dimensions, constants and variables, etc..

This page is almost high contrast, I love working in black and white in case you haven´t noticed. But I´m thinking of doing something with Papo in full color, at least some pages not directly related to the story or pin-ups.

I just realized, that it’s almost two months since I started. Next week I hope to have ready something that celebrates the date.

And at least this week was good, I finished some things (including a 3d character modeling course), I keep going with others (like this webcomic) and started with the #30days30games challenge.

Thanks for reading this webcomic and greetings.


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